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After one year of careful work and hard selection, we finally launch our “WARREN” apparel collection. Following our roots we have created a big collection inspired in our lifestyle and beach life, our MBC BACKYARD.

Nick Nairn-Smith ‘Noodle’  /  Shipstern  /  Riptide

Nick words ‘Earlier this year I was filming water at Stern and Ben Carosi offered to film for a few minutes so I could catch a few waves. I only managed to paddle this one wave but Mathew Tildesley got right in there! So stoked to get a run in Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine after all these years. Thanks Tibeh and Rocky you legends! And a big thanks to Reeflex Wetsuits andSTEALTH BOARDS for helping me out with some great boards and wetties.’

English breakfast / Newquay, UK
Canon AE-1 50mm 

Amys  -  Nacho Serrano


març 2014

Jetlag / Sumatra 2013